Cremation Jewellery – What To Do With Ashes

Cremation Jewellery – What to do with ashes

With 2 in 3 Australia’s preferring cremation over burial when planning their own funeral, many aspects of the ‘traditional’ funeral are in fact changing. So what do people choose to do with their precious cremation ashes?

Most people choose to dispose of the cremated remains on land, air or water in a place special to them. Many people are however retaining a small portion of the ashes in cremation jewellery. This relatively new tradition, allows some of the ashes to be placed inside specially designed cremation jewellery pieces. All of the deceased loved ones can have individual pieces of jewellery to their liking. Something to hold close.

Other people place the cremation urn permanently in either a Columbarium or Mausoleum. These are free standing structures usually at a cemetery or church, providing a place of remembrance. Alternatively, the ashes can be buried in a cremation or regular plot. If you have chosen to head down this route, you can still set aside a little of the ashes to keep inside a piece of jewellery. This allows you to have the ashes with you at all times. For some, this provides them with a little comfort and peace.

Or, like some of my family and friends, the cremation urn is kept at home, on the mantle or sometimes in a box in the garage, because no one really knows what to do with it. This is very common, and completely understandable.

What people choose to do, or not to do is completely personal to them. There are so many options. We would encourage you to consider cremation jewellery. In our experience, it provides a little bit of closure. This is mainly because that nagging feeling that nothing has been done with the urn full of ashes sitting in the garage can really drag you down. And cremation jewellery is portable, and personal, so it can travel with you and be with you always. Close to your heart.

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