Jewellery For Ashes

Jewellery for ashes isn’t necessarily for everyone, it is a highly personal choice. Many people are however now choosing cremation as an alternative to other funeral services because it costs less and there are fewer decisions required.

Traditionally people have scattered the remains at a special place, or had the ashes transferred to an urn, to be kept at a gravesite, or on a shelf at home. I had one customer last week that couldn’t bear the idea of her mothers ashes being in a box in the garage any more (she purchased a 10 keepsake jewellery pieces to give to each family member).

Jewellery for ashes provides an alternative for people looking to symbolise and ‘connect’ with a loved one they have lost. It is something that all family members can have, it can be personalised with engraving (making it unique and personal to you) and the cost is far less than traditional cremation urns. The other important point to note about jewellery for ashes……..they don’t actually have to contain ashes! It can be anything symbolic to you. I have a number of customers that have put a drop of perfume (or aftershave) in the memorial jewellery. Just knowing it is in there, provides some people with a little comfort and peace.

We hope you can find something that will provide you with a little comfort and peace.

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