A Little More About Us & Our Journey

My sister and I have been running our online stores for more than 10 years. Over that time, our lives have changed and evolved, as has our product range. We originally started our business when we were having our children. Our initial focus was on hand making beautiful pendants with children and family names stamped & engraved, celebrating the birth of a child, and the making of a family. Proudly, we still make those beautiful pendants! 

In the years that have followed however there have been lots of up and downs. After loosing 3 Dad’s at our local primary school to brain cancer, then the shock of a breast cancer diagnosis of my own, the focus changed. And I was forever changed.

Cancer changes you in ways that are difficult to express. They are not all negative changes, there are some positives to come out of such a terrible diagnosis. It gives you a new perspective on life and on our own vulnerability.

Beautiful Products For All of Life’s Events and Milestones

One of the Mum’s at school who had tragically lost her husband mentioned to me one day that she was looking for a memorial pendant. She wanted to know if I had these as part of my range. From that moment there grew a new and enhanced focus for our business. I will forever remember that day with clarity.

We set out to expand our product range to cover all of life’s events. We are very proud to provide a beautiful range of products that may bring you even a little comfort when times are tough, or great joy when there is much to celebrate – and of course everything in between. What hasn’t change is our focus on quality products, at good prices for our customers.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our Australian small business over the years. It has given us great joy to be able to bring you beautiful products representing the milestones in your life, and those you love. And it continues to to bring us joy, despite the challenging year that 2020 as presented us all with.
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