Why a Necklace For Ashes?

Decisions around what to do with cremation ashes are so difficult. It is an awkward conversation, and usually it is being had at a time when emotions are high and clarity isn’t great. So why are people opting for ashes jewellery or a necklace for ashes?

  1. SENSE OF CLOSENESS – holding or wearing a necklace for ashes can provide a feeling of closeness for some people. Just the knowledge that your loved ones ashes are held in an ash necklace around your neck, in your hand or even on the bedside table can offer a tiny bit of comfort.
  2. PORTABILITY – many people still decide to stop their loved ones ashes in a traditional urn. The urn is usually stored on the mantlepiece or somewhere special in the family home. In addition however, a small amount can be stored in a necklace for ashes. The portability of ashes jewellery enables it to be taken anywhere you go. This portability is highly valued particularly when travelling and away from home for extended periods of time.
  3. DON’T ‘KEEP ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET’ – We have heard so many terrible stories of cremation urns and ashes jewellery being lost, stolen or broken. We always recommend multiple vessels. If you have all your precious cremation ashes in one vessel and something happens – it is completely devastating. It is best to always have a backup plan, a necklace for ashes can be that plan and provide that extra piece of mind.
  4. SHARING THE LOVE – It is such a beautiful idea that all the family members each have a necklace for ashes or some other piece of ashes jewellery. No arguments about where the ashes are stored. Everyone gets to share in the joy of having a special remembrance of your loved one in the form is ashes jewellery.

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